I have a dataset with many coordinates (lat, lng) in the ocean. I want to create a matrix of distances between the coordinates, but I'm a bit unsure if the right way to do it is simply to calculate all the distances.

Let's say my coordinates are called A, B, C, etc. Then my distance table would be something like

   A, B, C, D
A, -, 1, 4, 6
B, 1, -, 2, 8
C, 4, 2, -, 9
D, 6, 8, 9, -

But if it's not possible to go from A to D without first going through A to B and B to C, it seems unnecessary to calculate the distances between A to C.

Does anyone know how companies like AXS Marine, Aquaplot, Netpas, etc. are building their datasets of distances between any two coordinates in the ocean? I guess their datasets are all built from coordinates in ocean, but I'm not sure how to handle such a task.

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