What is the command to get the band statistics (min/max/etc.) for an image? I know I can do it for a region (using image.reduceRegion) but I want to have it for the whole image without defining a region.


In EarthEngine, images are potentially huge (think of the landsat ones, that are spatial-mosaics from landsat tiles), so that I think the only way to compute image statistics is with the image.reduceRegion() way.

You could eventually use image.geometry() to define the region, but: * you might exceed the maxPixels count. * the image could be unbounded as in the case of the landsat mosaics

  • Watch out for "unbounded" images (e.g. Landsat mosaics). These may throw an error if you use image.geometry() as input to reduceRegion(): "Provide 'geometry' parameter when aggregating over an unbounded image." – Nicholas Clinton Jul 12 '18 at 17:22

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