I am able to manipulate coordinates, their position and diverse data. when testing I can see the street name on the map but i can't seem to find the data property to get.

What i am trying to do is simply get the street name based on my feature coordinates.

I logged the feature but i am can't find the data unless i missed it. I checked the API too but there is nothing mentioning streets properties.


As suggested I used Nominatim reverse like this


and through a simple xhttp request like this I got the response.

       var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
    xhttp.onreadystatechange = function() {
        if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) {
            document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML =
    xhttp.open("GET", "ajax_info.txt", true);

Source : W3C

Note I am using v3.11 and OSM.


I could be wrong as I'm missing informations (e.g how your code look like) but if you think that because you can see street names on a map, you can access their properties, you are doing a mistake. If your background use ol.source.OSM, it's simply an image. You can't get street names from it. If you want street names, you should better look at

  • Overpass API, a webservice that returns vector data where you can get street names. You should start with Overpass Turbo (an UI on top of Overpass API) to get started

  • a reverse geocoder (it takes a point coordinates and return an adress) like Nominatim

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