I have a points shapefile with almost 1 million features. I would like to add three new attributes: y, x (coordinates) and an ID (integers from 1).

How can I perform this task in R or PyQGIS? Using QGIS field calculator makes the software crash because the shapefile is too heavy.


Here it is something I would do (I didn't test the code)


# new field x
nfx = layer.dataProvider().addAttributes( [ QgsField("X", QVariant.String)] )
# new field y
nfx = layer.dataProvider().addAttributes( [ QgsField("Y", QVariant.String)] )
# new field ID
nfid = layer.dataProvider().addAttributes( [ QgsField("newID", QVariant.String)] )


indexX = layer.fieldNameIndex('X')
indexY = layer.fieldNameIndex('Y')
indexID = layer.fieldNameIndex('newID')
features = layer.getFeatures()


ID = 1

for f in features:
   layer.changeAttributeValue(f.id(), indexX, str(f.geometry().asPoint.x()))
   layer.changeAttributeValue(f.id(), indexY, str(f.geometry().asPoint.y()))
   layer.changeAttributeValue(f.id(), indexID, str(ID))
   ID += 1

QgsVectorFileWriter.writeAsVectorFormat(layer, "PathToSHape.shp", "utf-8", None, "ESRI Shapefile")

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