I am trying to format a label in two languages in a way they appear on one line and not stacked in ArcGIS any ideas? Maplex Stacked label feature is not ticked so this does not help. This is how they currently appear when labelled with the following python code:

River Corrib
Abhainn Na Gaillimhe

        s =[ENG_NAMED_RIVER]
        s = s.title().upper()

        if ([GAELTACHT_AREA]) == "Y":
            return "<ita>"  +  ([GLE_NAMED_RIVER]) + "</ita>"
        elif ([GAELTACHT_AREA]) == "N":
            if [GLE_NAMED_RIVER] is None and [ENG_NAMED_RIVER] is not None:
                return (s)
                return (s) + '\n' + " " + "<ita>"  +  ([GLE_NAMED_RIVER]) + "</ita>"
    except AttributeError:

But I just want the label to read like:

River Corrib Abhainn Na Gaillimhe

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The \n is a newline character, so it automatically creates a second line at that point. Remove it from the line return ( s ) + '\n' + " " + "<ita>" + ( [GLE_NAMED_RIVER]) + "</ita>".

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