I have a dataset with field "Source", in my GDB I have a Domain called "Source" with half a dozen options in it. I have assigned this Domain to the dataset's "Source" field in the GDB properties.

When I begin an edit session on the dataset and select an array of records, then open the selected attributes sidebar window (as opposed to attribute table window) and select the top item (to make changes to all selected records) I do not get my Domain "Source" drop down menu options showing.

Then if I open my dataset's attribute table, go to the "Source" field and select a single record's cell I sometimes get the drop down Domain list, and sometimes I do not, depends on the record, though I see no reason why some records work and others do not, they currently all show , but I have reproduced this on records that already have a value in the "Source" field.

I have applied this Domain to other datasets in the same GDB and they work as expected.

Why is access to this Domain seemingly selective based on what record i choose, and why won't the Domain be applied in the selected attributes sidebar window?

  • Should always work on single record, no so sure about multiple records. Any chance of faulty feature being outside environment extent? – FelixIP Jul 12 '18 at 19:53

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