Background of my question: I would like to figure out the version of a plugin ('my_plugin'), in PyQGIS 2 like:

from qgis.utils import findPlugins
import os

plugins = list(findPlugins('C:\Users\me\.qgis2\python\plugins')) + list(findPlugins(os.environ['QGIS_PLUGINPATH']))
for p_name, p_info in plugins:
    if p_name == 'my_plugin':
        print(p_info.get('general', 'version'))

This works too in PyQGIS 3, except from the path where the plugins are stored (in QGIS 3 plugins are stored in the newly introduced user profiles, and from the GUI, the current plugin folder location can be accesses like described in this post: QGIS 3 Plugin folder location)

after some research my first idea was

from qgis.core import QgsUserProfile, QgsUserProfileManager
current_profile = QgsUserProfileManager().userProfile()
current_profile_folder = current_profile.folder()

... but current_profile is None.

So my question is: How to find the current user profiles plugin location using PyQGIS?



from qgis.core import QgsApplication

for show profiles folder


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