I am trying to get a measure of border intensity of different regions in Europe.

Having a relevant shapefile of European countries at the regional level (NUTS2) as well several ones by century for a relatively long period, I would like to get the kilometers of borders within each region, historically.

Is there a way to get this measure with ArcGIS Desktop?

First, I uploaded the shapefile of European countries at the regional level (today) as well as the shapefiles by century (transformed from Polygon to Line). But I don't know how to get the kilometers of lines crossing each region nor the number of line crossing the regions.

enter image description here

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There is a tool specific to find neighbouring polygons and their shared boundary, which is called Polygon Neighbors:

Creates a table with statistics based on polygon contiguity (overlaps, coincident edges, or nodes).


If I understand your question correctly, you can use the Intersect tool. The polyline features should be the lower rank if you're trying to find the length and count of lines that intersect each unique region. You can then create a Length field and Calculate Geometry in Kilometers [km] on the newly created field.

  • Thank you for this answer. To be honest, I followed this itinerary but obtained rather odd results. I mean, I used the Intersect tool, put the polyline features after (below) the NUTS shapefile; created then a Length field and calculated Geometry in kilometers. However, I had a few issues : some regions were multiplied. ie. appeared several times, with each a time a length assigned. Also, some results were purely bizarre. i.e regions close to the borders with less length assigned than some in the centre. Thank you very much,
    – Rororo
    Jul 14, 2018 at 10:20

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