Suppose I have a points shapefile with a 'group' attribute, each value of which identifies a number of points (e.g. group=1 identifies points 1,3,6 and group=2 identifies points 2,4,5).

How can I create a buffer for each group that contains all the points belonging to that group?

  • It's classic Voronoi proximity polygons task. Create them first and dissolve using group name.
    – FelixIP
    Jul 14, 2018 at 21:18

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You could try using this in the geometry generator in the layer properties. (Change the Simple Fill into the geometry generator)

when "group" = 1 then buffer($geometry,0.25)
when "group" = 2 then buffer($geometry,0.5)
else buffer($geometry,0)

This should create buffers depending on your group type. Below you have a pictures of layer properties window to show you how to change to geometry generator, and the resulting buffers

Properties of Layer Image



One possibility is Buffer vectors tool in (Processing Toolbox | GDAL | Vector geoprocessing), which has Dissolve by attribute option.

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