I've looked around for an answer to this but nothing seems to work. Basically, I'm printing maps with a WMS or ArcGISMapServer background (like World Topo). In print composer I can change the dpi of the output which changes the zoom level. However, when the dpi is right, the zoom level is too large (i.e. text too small), but when the zoom level is right, the dpi is too low.

Is there a way to fix the zoom level for a WMS / ArcGISMapServer image, or otherwise set the DPI output? I'm outputting to PDF FYI.

Note - I tried the Tile Map Scale plugin, but it's not compatible with the current QGIS version. Looked like that could have been the solution. Have also looked at using an Atlas features, but I can't see how to figure that out at all.

  • A WMS doesn't have zoom levels, do you mean WMTS or some other tile service? – nmtoken Jul 24 '18 at 16:56

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