I try to filter for catchwords by using the attribute table. I need to filter all attributes which starts with "industrial". The problem ist that the attributes are sometimes named as "industrialpark" or "industrialzone" or "industrialarea".

Is there a way to filter for just a special part of a catchword?

I could imagine that there must be a way using the "select by expression" tool and say something like "fieldname = 'indust...'" or "fieldname = 'industrial...'" , so that qgis prints out all catchwords which starts with the searched part of the word.

  • Dear Ma Fo, I can refer you to this link, where you can find more about LIKE Operator which was demonstrated in answer by ThingumaBob. If you are interested to find "industial" in any position then you can use a filter with "fieldname" LIKE '%industrial%'.
    – Taras
    Jul 18 '18 at 11:08

For a general expression to be used wherever you want, try

"fieldname" LIKE 'industrial%'

where the % wildcard matches any or no character following the string.

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