I am using natural earth for qgis 3.0. I have rule based layers for 10m_admin_0m_maps_unit to show only a certain number of countries in my Caribbean map. That now looks perfect when I am in the qgis, but when I switch to the layout view to build my map, the layers are gone.

I have looked for some tutorials and saw that I should do the following click layer properties, then under rendering, select show all labels for this layer (including colliding labels). I have done this and refreshed my layout (the map is not locked), but the labels still do not appear.

I see that I can manually add the country names, but is there a way to get the selected names of this layer to show up on the layout map?

  • what rule do you use in QGIS to show the countrynames?
    – PieterB
    Commented Jul 18, 2018 at 10:44
  • I used in Properties --> Label --> Rendering --> Show Label. "Edit..." and added the expression "name" in ( 'Venezuela' , 'Cuba' , 'Mexico' ) Commented Jul 18, 2018 at 12:11

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Finally figured it out. I didn't realise that although I had selected show all labels, 'scale dependent visibility' was selected and as a result, my labels were not visible in layout. After unselecting and refreshing the view, the country names appeared.

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