I have a folder (with subfolders) containing different raster files (Sentinel-2 images).

I want to import all the bands to python and creater a raster stack to allow further processing (classification, temporal analysis, etc.). So far, I have managed to create a list containing the full path to each raster. I am missing how to create a loop to import each raster and after that create a stack.

Here is the code I am using so far:

import os

# Define path to unziped sentinel-2 image

# Create a list with all the files in the path (and subfolders) which have the pattern _10m.jp2
rasterFiles = [os.path.join(root, name)
             for root, dirs, files in os.walk(path)
             for name in files
             if name.endswith("_10m.jp2")]


I am trying something like:

for i in rasterFiles():
    gdal.Open(rasterFiles[i], GA_ReadOnly)

TypeError: list indices must be integers, not str

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