I am learning QGIS.

I'm working with the 'Natural_Earth_quick_start' data set from the tutorials. The WGS84 projection gives me the view I want. However, this looks like a sheet of paper, and on the right hand side the ocean ends just after Suva, Funafuti, and further to the right I see only white space. Of course, if I move all the way to the left of the map, I see the continuation of the ocean (and places like Nukualofa, Apia). Since all these places are of interest to me, I would like to center my map so it wrap around somewhere else (say middle of the continental US), so that I can see these four places in a single view (Suva, Funafuti, Nukualofa, Apia).

How I can do this while remaining in the WGS84 projection?

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