I am using DotSpatial 1.9 and I have a feature (sourced from a shapefile).

According to the docs, I should be able to call: ToString() on IFeature.

    // Summary:
    //     Returns the Well-known Text representation of this Geometry. For a definition
    //     of the Well-known Text format, see the OpenGIS Simple Features Specification.
    // Returns:
    //     The Well-known Text representation of this Geometry.

But what I getting is the name of the type:


What am I missing?


I think this is a bug caused by an incorrectly implemented IBasicGeometry.ToString method.

But the WKT is obtainable by: feature.BasicGeometry.ToString();

Example tests, GeometryToWktTest and GeometryToWktTest_2:

enter image description here

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