I'm using GDAL\ogrinfo.exe to read the tab file which includes polygon/LineString/Point coordinates as a stream using the process. I'll store the coordinates in the MongoDB.

My attempt at inserting LineString was a success by using:


I used GeoJsonPolygonCoordinates<GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates and kept getting the error

{"A bulk write operation resulted in one or more errors.\r\n location object expected, location array not in correct format"}

I used the QGIS to check the tab file, if the polygon is a closed one GeoJsonPolygonCoordinates<GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates done the job no prob. But if the tab file is like the attached image the ex-occurs.

Sample polygon layout from QGIS

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Found the answer. As I suspected it was simple enough. Need to use GeoJson.Polygon<TCoordinates> Method (GeoJsonObjectArgs<TCoordinates>, GeoJsonPolygonCoordinates<TCoordinates>) GeoJson Polygon

Some code for reference:

        IMongoClient client = new MongoClient(_mongoConnString);
        var database = client.GetDatabase(MONGO_DB_NAME);

        var collection = database.GetCollection<MongoFence>(MONGO_COLLECTION_NAME);         

        IndexKeysDefinition<MongoFence> keyLocation = "{ Polygon: '2dsphere' }";                
        var locationIndexModel = new CreateIndexModel<MongoFence>(keyLocation);

        GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates one  = new GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates(-122.335604, 48.390017);
        GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates two = new GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates(-122.333195, 48.390053);
        GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates three = new GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates(-122.333088, 48.391189);
        GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates four = new GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates(-122.335529, 48.39116);
        GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates five = new GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates(-122.335631, 48.390809);
        GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates six = new GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates(-122.335604, 48.390017);

        GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates[] coord_array = new GeoJson2DGeographicCoordinates[] { one, two, three, four, five, six };

        var fenceList = new List<MongoFence>();
        fenceList.Add(new MongoFence
            Name = "1",
            Polygon = GeoJson.Polygon(coord_array)

        await collection.InsertManyAsync(fenceList);

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