I'm new in QGIS and I'm trying to do very simple thing:

  1. Filter OSM data: natural=water
  2. Add Vector Layer, select multipolygons

Here is what I got with QGIS:

enter image description here

Some islands are filled with blue (why?), but others are not (as expected). I've checked with JOSM that all islands and the lake mapped correctly (inner/outer roles), and the only difference is that the 1st ones are "closed ways" and the 2nd ones are "relations" with type=multipolygon. But, as far as I understand, there is nothing wrong with it.

So, what I'm doing wrong and how can I get the proper result (all islands are not filled) with QGIS?


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a closed way is a closed way and not an area. multipolygons are areas.

only areas will be filled.

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