I have some shapefiles which include various points and a corresponding street address, whose lat/lon I've manually found in Google Maps. There is no .prj file.

Google Maps Lat,Lon, unknown coordinate system x, y, city, state 36.7448656,-119.7937943, 6329742.00029, 2155243.06469, Fresno, CA 36.7341137,-119.8126966, 6324144.37016, 2151400.93634, Fresno, CA

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These look like UTM coordinates, though it's hard to know exactly which coordinate system was used. Perhaps have a look at the California State Plane Coordinate System - Fresno is in Zone 4.

If not, try looking at the Projected EPSG coordinate systems for California.

EDIT: I've confirmed that it is likely the California State Plane Zone 4 on this calculator. It's important to note that the X,Y units are in feet. If I plug in the X,Y coordinates, and choose California State Plane Zone 4 (0404) the results are what you have for lat/long.

Calculated Values - based on Degrees Lat Long to seven decimal places.

Position Type   State Plane - California Zone 4
Degrees Lat Long    36.7448838°, -119.7915918°
Degrees Minutes 36°44.69303', -119°47.49551'
Degrees Minutes Seconds     36°44'41.5816", -119°47'29.7306"
State Plane X Y (Meters)    0404 1929309.220mE 656919.398mN
X Y (US Survey Feet)    0404 6329742.000ftUSE 2155243.059ftUSN
X Y (International Feet)    0404 6329754.660ftE 2155247.370ftN
UTM 11S 250759mE 4070206mN
UTM centimeter  11S 250759.50mE 4070206.23mN
MGRS    11SKA5075970206
Grid North  -1.7°
GARS    121LP33
Maidenhead  DM06CR58AS25
GEOREF  EJAG12504469

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