I'm trying to reproduce the R rasterize function in python to streamline my code and am having issues with summing multiple points in the raster. Essentially I want to sum the value of my variable for every point in the grid I create. However currently it only appears to be returning the value of the first point in the grid it sees.

import rasterio
import geopandas as gpd

def create_raster_defined_res(geodataset, output, out_var, resolution):  
    res = (resolution, resolution)
    bounds = geodataset.total_bounds
    kwargs = {
            'count': 1,
            'crs': geodataset.crs['init'],
            'bounds': bounds,
            'width': max(int(ceil((bounds[2] - bounds[0]) / float(res[0]))), 1),
            'height': max(int(ceil((bounds[3] - bounds[1]) / float(res[1]))), 1),
            'affine': Affine(res[0], 0, bounds[0], 0, -res[1], bounds[3]),
            'transform': (bounds[0], res[0], 0, bounds[3], 0, -res[1]),
            'compress': 'lzw',
            'driver': u'GTiff',
            'dtype': 'float64',
            #'nodata': -1e+308

    with rasterio.open(output, 'w', **kwargs) as out:
        out_arr = np.empty([kwargs['height'],kwargs['width']])

        # this is where we create a generator of geom, value pairs to use in rasterizing
        shapes = ((geom,value) for geom, value in zip(geodataset['geometry'], geodataset[out_var]))

        burned = rasterize(shapes=shapes, fill=0, out=out_arr, transform=kwargs['affine'])
        out.write_band(1, burned)

create_raster_defined_res(geopandas_dataset, output_tiff, output_var, 2500)

Is there a way to add a parameter to sum the value of all the points that enter into the grid or tell it to add instead of just taking the value of the first point?

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