I have a ArcGIS Enterprise environment, with Portal and ArcServer and a Postgres Database (not the standard embedded from ESRI).

I have users whom can see all the data. And edit/delete/create new data. They have a feature layer: dg_mm_polygons (the main/original).

I have users whom should see a subset - based on a column - and also edit/delete/create the data. I need to create a Database View on a Table, but with the options to edit, update and create. Here I want to publish the Database view like dg_mm_polygons_subset

My original table is dg_mm_polygons. This is my main. I want to create dg_mm_polygons_subset as a feature layer with edit/create/delete options.

I am lost at this point: I have create in PGadmin:

 CREATE VIEW dg_mm_polygons_subset select * from dg_mm_polygons 

Here I created a View. In ArcMap I can see the view and publish it to Portal as a feature layer. But here it copies the data to the Server. If I change or edit the original I can not see it in the subset (view). And the same for the subset changes to be visible in the original.

The same I have tried to create the View from ArcMap in the Toolbox "Create Database View". Problem here is that this is not registered and so not possible to publish as a feature layer.

How can I create, a editable Feature Layer whom functions as a View on a other Table. Which is based on a column value. And has the option to "pass" see the changes in both ways. So if I change something in the original I need to see it in the subset. And if I change something in the subset I need to see it in the original.

Any idea??

  • I doubt versioned editing will function on a view. It sounds like you've failed to register the connection with the database, which will prevent any hope of linkage between the Server data and the database. – Vince Jul 21 '18 at 2:03

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