I am trying to use the Select_analysis tool to select the minimum value from the input geodatabase feature class and export that to a new feature class via a where clause. I think I'm getting tripped up on the SQL syntax.

Relevant code:


arcpy.Select_analysis(input, output, sql)

My input and output are defined path variables elsewhere in the code.

I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.6.

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At first the exception is that this form of select statement does only work on database formats. If you have a shapefile it will not work at all. The syntax you need here is a bit different as in the select by attributes ArcMap needs a subquery for min(). The following should work. The delimiters in ArcMap depend on the format as well. You might need to use other than " around your field names(" is for FileGeodatabase).

sql = """"your_field" = (SELECT MIN( "your_field" ) from "your_table")"""

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