I have difficulty in rasterizing 3 dimensional dxf (single building) to mask netCDF using GRASS, Blender, or Qgis.

enter image description here

I want the mask netCDF to have value 1 in interior of the building and zero value out of the building. But the dxf file has only geometric information. How can I get mask 3d ? Once I could get a mask 3d, I can convert it to netcdf using r3.out.netcdf.

I think I should assign 1 value to the volume covering surfaces, first. I know I can assign some value to vertexes. If so, how can I assign 1 value to the volume of interior building?

I found v.to.rast3in GRASS (Converts a vector map (only points) into a 3D raster map) enter link description here. So GRASS can convert vector points to 3D raster map (voxelization). But I need to convert a volume (surrounded by faces) into a 3D raster map.

  • Alternatively, if I could convert a volume into several 2D vector slices (SVG, Shape) in GRASS or Blender, I could rasterize them and merge one file using r.to.rast3. – Gwang-Jin Aug 1 '18 at 2:38

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