I'm trying to migrate my qgis plugin from qgis 2.18 to 3.2. I try to use qgis2to3 for the migration but I'm having some problems.

First qgis2to3 require python 3.3 and my osgeo4w shell install is python 2.7. So I'm trying to upgrade or force osgeo to use python 3. I tried py3_env and python3 as said in this topic but those command aren't available on my osgeo install (I dunno why because I installed and reinstalled quite everything related to python 3).

Changing the path in python-core.bat file isn't working too. If I'm trying to pip install qgis2to3 it throw a fatal error unable to create the process. Error that can be fixed by using python -m pip install qgis2to3 but like it was said in the topic forcing the path to python 3 broke the python command.

So what am I supposed to do ?

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