I would like to find out how to access google satellite map version to update on SAS planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqpu792C1ic


Open Google Maps in your browser. Open the element inspector (F12 in Chrome, Firefox and Edge). Search for khms0.google.com/kh/v in the html (ctrl + F). Note the number in the html after the search string (at the time of writing it is u003d845). The number you want is after the 'u003d' part (i.e. 845 in this case).

Or you can just go to the nightly builds page and have a look there. It is listed clearly!

  • I have been trying for a year if not years first solution suggested, but it works on one computer and not the rest. Not too sure why. The last solution is easy, thank you so much. – Amelia Nicodemus Aug 1 at 16:15

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