I have created Cache imagery using the Manage Tile Cache tool of ArcGIS Desktop. This tool creates cache imagery from the data provided. After creating this cache, i can open that in ArcMap easily from ArcCatalog, just like a raster imagery.

How can I open that cache created dataset in QGIS?

I want to open that Cache dataset in QGIS, and view it.


Unfortunately, in the default state that ESRI generates cache (bundles etc) you can't bring that into QGIS without some sort of converter and it just doesn't exist.

There are a couple of options that come to mind,

  1. view the raw images in QGIS.
  2. using ArcGIS server, you could publish a map service, and then point to the cache and make a connection to that map service in QGIS.
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    Thanks, But i will keep this question open, so that if there will be an answer to the question. – Ahsan Mukhtar Jul 31 '18 at 4:05

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