I am pretty new to Qgis and a real beginner when it comes to working with expressions in Qgis. Maybe someone can help me with following problem:


I have several Layers (like Building + House) and each of them have specific attributes values that i want to filter. So my idea was to get an extra layer Test with the attribute value that i want to filter on the other layers and put a filter expression to the attribute value A in table category_1 of layer Test. Basically to avoid rewriting the filters for each layer all the time. But I dont know how to get it done. I tried it with get_feature and attribute() but in my Qgis 2.18 there is no help how such expressions have to look like. That makes it really hard if u have no clue. So how can I filter with the attribute value A in category_1 of layer the Test in the layer House ?

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If this is about Select features using an Expression enter image description here function, please try examples below:


"category_2" = attribute(get_feature('Test', 'ID', '1'), 'category_1')


"category_3" = attribute(get_feature('Test', 'ID', '1'), 'category_1')

This is rather a task for databases, the filtering across layers based on attributes. GIS' are used to filter across layers based on spatial data.

What you can do: Build a virtual layer (layer -> add layer -> virtual layer) with all your layers you want to filter and use the correct SQL-terms.

  • So it is not possible with an filter expression ? Rather than having any SQL knowledge I already fail to create a virtual layer. I always get errors for spefics layers while using the given import function. So I think this will lead to many more questions. But thx for the Idea. Commented Jul 27, 2018 at 12:25

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