I would like to convert a raster image into vector. My image is referenced to a specific zone (vect). I'm working with Hansen dataset and in particularly the layer 'lossyear'. Raster image is from a different polygon in a specific year (for example 2007) and I obtain it by the function ReduceResolution. The value of different pixel that constitute the image are float number. The code is:

var loss_2007_vt = loss_2007_filtered_res.reduceToVectors({ reducer: ee.Reducer.mean(), geometry: vect, crs: collection.projection(), scale:500, geometryType:'polygon', });

I received this error message: "FeatureCollection (Error) Image.reduceToVectors: Need 1+1 bands for , image has 1".


Try not specifying the reducer. I think it's looking for additional bands to reduce (i.e. get the mean for a homogeneous region and set it as a property of the output feature) and not finding any.

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    If I don't specify the option reducer of the function reduceToVectors I obtain this error message "FeatureCollection (Error) Image.reduceToVectors: First band ('lossyear') of image must be integral". – matt85 Jul 29 '18 at 16:07

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