I am loading a layer with points and a raster one in an OL2 map. The layers come from a geoserver. What I want to do is to apply some buffers to the points and based on the buffer to get the sum of the values of the raster.

I think I could do use rasterio or fiona for something like that. Or another alternative would be to run the analysis on postgres. But I was wondering if there is some javascript library for doing these kind of analysis.


leaflet has a bunch of raster plugins, but they seem mostly based around visualization than what you want.

If you're OK with R, that could do what you want, although it might not be as interactive as something like javascript could do. Here's an example that shows some raster analysis.

This also seems useful

EDIT: I completely forgot, you could use this to generate and manipulate leaflet maps from R, so R does all the heavy lifting, and you still get responsive interactive maps from leaflet

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