Within an arcpy script, I've set up categories using the style sheet found in the ArcGIS installation folder. I have a couple categories created within the tool validator.

def initializeParameters(self):
    self.params[2].category = "Intersections"
    self.params[3].category = "Intersections"
    self.params[4].category = "Intersections"
    self.params[5].category = "Intersections"

This shows my parameters in their proper categories, however, when you start the script, the categories are shown expanded by default. Is there something in the style sheet I can change to make sure they are collapsed by default?


I'm also curious if anyone knows of a way to move these categories up and above some other "non category" parameters in the script.

  • Found my own answer posted here. – AGH_TORN Jul 30 '18 at 19:38