I am trying to produce an animation of surface runoff flow in ArcGIS 10.4 showing buildings change their colors when runoff of certain depth hits them (e.g., when flow depth<=10 cm, building remain yellow; when flow depth >10 cm, they change to red).

I have two sets of rasters for different time instants: one for buildings and one for flow depths during a rainfall event from simulation. The building rasters are already intersected with flow depth and symbolized, i.e., they already have colors corresponding to respective flow depth at that time instant. The flow depth rasters are also symbolized.

When I animate through these rasters, with building layer ahead of flow depth raster, the animation doesn't look instantaneous; it looks like the buildings change color first and then flow takes place. So, for each time instant, I want to merge building and flow rasters in to a single raster retaining the original symbology for each of them, which I can then use for animation.

My problem is that i can not retain the original symbology once I mosaic the rasters. The building rasters have values of 0 or 1, whereas flow depth rasters have values ranging from 0 to 3. For animation, the values do not matter but the correct symbology (i.e. colors) does.

Iis there a way in ArcGIS to mosaic/merge the rasters, retaining the original symbology of them without caring much about their values?

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