I've recently come across the TAB Reader extension for ArcGIS Desktop and am using it to convert from MapInfo to ArcGIS. I'm only testing the waters at the moment, as I've been tasked with finding a quicker solution (quicker than recreating from scratch) for transferring workspaces from MapInfo to ArcGIS.

I have a MapInfo workspace with 7 separate maps in. When I go to use the WOR to ArcGIS function in TAB Reader, only 4 of these maps appear in the map list. I've tried removing these 4 maps from the MapInfo workspace, to see if the remaining 3 appear (thought the function could perhaps be limited to 4 maps at a time). However, they didn't show up. These remaining 3 maps don't include anything too drastically different from the 4 which did appear so I'm at a loss as to why this is happening.

Are there any obvious reasons as to why the WOR to ArcGIS function in TAB Reader wouldn't show all maps in the map list?

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