Is there a proj4 "cookbook"? I discovered proj4 from @MerseyViking excellent answer to: Create Mercator map with arbitrary center/orientation? but most of the documentation appears to be fairly high level.

EDIT: Details on what I'm trying to do:

  • Rotate the globe so that any point I choose is at 0,0 (where the prime meridian crosses the equator) or the North Pole or the South Pole, my choice.

  • Apply any projection with any "zoomlevel" I choose to the result.

  • "Zoomlevel" meaning that the projection includes only points close to the point I chose earlier.

The linked question shows me how to do this for the Mercator projection. How to generalize?

I realize I could write code to do 3D rigid rotations (for step 1 above), but can proj/cs2cs do this for me?


I don't think so, most people just use it via something like Proj4JS. The nearest I can find is this page, and this page has a brief description of the most common parameters. But really all you can do with it is set up two projections, and transform 3D points from one to another, so there's not much to know!

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