I am looking for LIDAR data of grasslands located all around UK with a spatial resolution of 1m and a frequency of at least once a week.

I've already had a look at the Environmental Agency but their data is far too infrequent.

The aim is to use the acquired data to monitor the biomass of a pasture field over different seasons.

  • Depending on budget and purpose it might be worth looking into a UAV with a LiDAR sensor attached. That is of course if you are not looking for historic data and you have a budget - if it is for a research project you may be able to get a grant. – AWGIS Aug 3 '18 at 14:51
  • EA Opendata (LiDAR) is the most extensive for England and Wales, unless you spend a large budget that is going to be your best source of data vs cost. – Mapperz Aug 3 '18 at 15:00

This data does not exist. The cost of LiDAR collection, storage, and dissemination is extremely high. Even in a best-case scenario you are looking at yearly data for certain cities or forested areas - not a whole country or state.

I would recommend modeling biomass with some other remote sensing technology (Sentinel-2 would be a good option).

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    Certainly doesn't exist for all grassland in the UK at weekly time resolution. You might find a research project measuring a field or two, but the best place to ask would be your research contacts, not here. – Spacedman Aug 2 '18 at 7:32

Have you looked for data on this EO company site? I'm not sure about Lidar but EOS have a platform designed specifically for crop monitoring that allows to make advanced vegetation analysis. They have extensive database for the UK. I managed to build a grassland-only map. The platform is not available for public use though, you'll need to contact them first.


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