How do I write an advanced labeling expressions to only show a part of a string?

I want my data that looks like this EVA007 only to show the 007 part.

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    What's the rule for your labeling? Is it cutting the frist three letters? Or cutting everything except numbers?
    – Mesa
    Aug 2 '18 at 8:59

If you want to cut the first three letters, you can use the following Python expression (set option "advanced" expression):

def FindLabel([NAME]):
  return [NAME][3:]

If you want to keep the last three characters (numbers in your case) instead of cutting the first three, change [3:] to [:-3].

  • Worked perfectly!
    – GIS_Eva
    Aug 2 '18 at 9:56

Based on the VB script, the solution could be

Right([FIELDNAME], 3)


Replace([FIELDNAME], "EVA", "")

Another solution, if you wanted to remove the alphabets and show the ending numbers only:

import re
def FindLabel ( [FIELDNAME] ):
  p = re.search('[0-9]+', [FIELDNAME])
  if p is None:  
   return [FIELDNAME]
   return p.group(0).replace('(','')

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