I have not been giving any data, but I have been told that I could be expected to recreate maps In ArcGIS 10. Below is an sample portion of what I may have to recreate. I have no idea how to get symbology like this for point data. Graduated symbology would only work across the array of points. How do I get one point to have the color variations like seen below? The points are representing observation density. I know how to obtain and symbolize basic data. I don't need information on how to get the hydrology layers or symbolize the eagle point. I need to know how to do the red circles.

Heat maps are not what I need since the "blanket" the entire area.

enter image description here

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    its not direct point symbology. Look at heatmaps.And please specify the software that you are using .
    – radouxju
    Commented Aug 2, 2018 at 13:05

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Since the software was not specified. I can recommend how to accomplish the task in QGIS.

I can suggest applying plugin "Multi Ring Buffer" if you need a vector output. Here you can find a short tutorial QGIS – Create Multi-Ring Buffers.

Additionally, as was specified by @radouxju, you can use "Heatmap", in case if you require a raster output.

Regarding the "...that I could be expected to recreate maps." Yes, you do! For that, you first of all need to find the data which you want to visualize.

So far, I can assume that you need

  • some hydrography (e.g. rivers, lakes)
  • observation locations
  • and data about those figures (i.e. polygons with coloured edges)

About "I have no idea how to get symbology like this for point data." I can suggest creating an SVG graphical element. It looks like an eagle which is inside of the circle. Just find a free eagle and put it inside the circle. And then visualize in QGIS. Do not forget to save it with SVG extension.


In ArcGIS the answer is Multiple Ring Buffer

Add your distances and keep the dissolve default setting. Once the new layer is created, pick a ramp of red hue, and style the symbology to fit your graphical needs (suggest removing the "outline color" for all symbol categories and setting transparency to something less than 50%).

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