I wrote this pyhton script to clip a raster with a shapefile:

import ogr
import subprocess

inraster = '/Users/sigc2sige/Desktop/gdal/rast.tif'
inshape = '/Users/sigc2sige/Desktop/gdal/poly.shp'

ds = ogr.Open(inshape)
lyr = ds.GetLayer(0)

ft = lyr.GetNextFeature()

while ft:

       com = ft.GetFieldAsString('com')

       outraster = inraster.replace('.tif', '_%s.tif' % com.replace(' ', '_'))    
       subprocess.call(['gdalwarp', inraster, outraster, '-cutline', inshape, 
                 '-crop_to_cutline', '-cwhere', "'com'='%s'" % com])

      ft = lyr.GetNextFeature()

ds = None

When I execute the code I get this error : FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'gdalwarp': 'gdalwarp'

I have installed gdal but I don't know why the gdalwarp is not recognized. I'm running on Mac.



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