I have a shapefile which is returning a different area value in pgAdmin than in FME, Cadcorp SIS and QGIS and I don't know why it is different in pgAdmin.

The setting used in pgAdmin are:

SELECT ST_Area(GEOMETRY) FROM greenbelt_shp

the shapefile is available at:


Can someone can tell me why it is returning a different value?

enter image description here

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    When a shapefile, which is a specific binary multifile format, is loaded into a database, it is no longer a shapefile. There could be many possible reasons why such a large object is different, including corruption by the loading tool and silent repair by the loading tool. Please edit the question to provide more information about the data, including the coordinate system and the number of rings and vertices in the shapefile and the database, and to include the area values only available in the image in the body of your question, as ASCII text. – Vince Aug 6 '18 at 11:01
  • To add to what Vince said, I saved your shapefile to GeoJson from QGIS and manually ran a select ST_Area(ST_GeomFromGeoJSON on the GeoJson geometry, result was: 56098230.947890095. How was the shapefile loaded? – Jay Cummins Aug 6 '18 at 12:08
  • Hi Jay, this was very useful while working our the cause. The problem appears to be when exporting the Shapefile from Cadcorp sis into pgAdmin, something seems to be wrong with their application and this has been reported. – Hutch Aug 6 '18 at 15:56

The issue is caused when exporting a shapefile from Cadcorp sis into pgAdmin, something appears to go wrong here as when the shapefile is exported from Qgis the area is correct. The bug has been reported to Cadcorp.

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