I'm building a website to visualize layers from services on an OpenLayers Map.

The services come from different geoservers some of them which I don't own.

All services are WMS and don't have WFS.

I don't know what attributes exist on the layers.

I can only make getfeatureinfo request with text/xml or text/html formats

With this in mind, I'm trying to create a method to show the features info on click but different geoservers send me different results is there a way to ask GeoServer for a default template html?

Or use the readFeatures() from OpenLayers to read the XML returned from a getfeatureinfo request?

I can solve this with C# or JavaScript as I'm able to do some server side coding

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The template used for HTML output can only be controlled by the server admin, cannot be passed via the request.

You can however ask for text/xml on all the servers, and then format the result client side in a uniform way.

  • Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I'm working with geoservers with different outputs on the text/xml. One gives back a GML and the other one XML, I would prefer to have all as XML as the xml is easier to parse and doesn't bring coordinates which I'm not interested. Is there a way to make the geoserver reply with xml instead of gml? Aug 16, 2018 at 13:38

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