I have LiDAR data in the format of .pcd in a binary compressed file (version .7).

How can I convert it into .las format or any other that can be readable by LAStools in ArcGIS 9.3 version ownwards?

I have tried MATLAB 2013b and FUSION, but I don't know how to use these software as I am new to this topic.


With PDAL it would be the opposite from Converting .las to .pcd file using PDAL?:

pdal translate input.pcd output.las

In this case, you will need to enable the PCL libraries, so the PDAL PCD Reader can work.

PDAL is a little tricky to get started. Its developers advise beginning using it with PDAL's Docker.

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  • The conda binaries have PCL/PCD support too, which should provide an easier alternative than docker for most people. – Howard Butler Dec 4 '18 at 2:38

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