I have a huge point file (4933873 points, currently in GeoPackage)) looking this way:

point layer in QGIS

imported from a CSV of following structure:

Captured Time,Latitude,Longitude,Value,Unit,Location Name,Device ID,MD5Sum,Height,Surface,Radiation,Uploaded Time,Loader ID
2016-11-04 01:00:07,37.4932,139.93305,38,cpm,,101,e40768be06169b47c412cdbc8b50ee51,,,,2016-11-04 01:00:07.805856,
2016-11-04 01:00:03,37.366713,140.53097,27,celcius,,100079,0654275d9d656aac8f1ee06eaf2ca8d0,462,,,2016-11-04 01:00:03.691745,
2016-11-04 01:00:02,37.366713,140.53097,11,cpm,,100072,b48a5a4b821d04d2071d233d99fc9bf5,462,,,2016-11-04 01:00:03.149019,
2016-11-04 01:00:01,37.366713,140.53097,56,cpm,,100071,654c26d9ad16aa776613db4913a6ee95,462,,,2016-11-04 01:00:01.932265,

And I need to remove those orange / red straight lines (airborne data) and keep the rest (ground measured data - car/walk etc.). Unfortunately there is no altitude so I cannot easily filter it out.

Is there any better way to select consecutive points (after selecting one to begin) without need to load attribute table for a whole layer?


I'm assuming that your issue is that opening the attribute table of such a large file can be very slow with so many features. There are two options to remove the red and orange points without opening the attribute table:

Create a new layer with only the blue points

Processing toolbox > Vector Selection > Select by Attribute

According to the layers panel, the orange and red points have values between 507-3034. I'll assume that this is an exact match of the points you want to remove.

Use the select by attributes tool to create a new selection where values < 507.

Right click on the layer name in the layer panel.

  • In QGIS 2.18 and older, choose "save as..." then save it in your desired format. Be sure to check the box next to "save only selected features"

  • In QGIS 3.0 and newer, choose "export > Save selected features as...".

Filter the existing layer instead of creating a new layer

Layer properties > Source > Provider Feature Filter > Query Builder

Substitute the name of your attribute into this expression:

"attributename" < 507


Have you tried converting the points to lines and then deleting the long-distance lines? You can do this with the Points to Path tool and then Select by Attributes using the $length attribute.

If you have also long-distance car tracks and are ok with the assumption that planes travel in a straight line while cars don't, you may add an additional clause to your Select by Attributes using the num_points function.

Your selection query would be something like:

$length > 1000 AND num_points($geometry) <= 2

This would select only Polylines longer than 1000 units and containing at most 2 vertices (a straight line).

  • Hi, but there are also many long carborne tracks which I need to keep - probably longer than the arborne ones. It would be a curve - not a straight line like from the airplane but of the same or even bigger length. – Juhele Aug 10 '18 at 9:52
  • Please see my edit. – davibicudo Aug 11 '18 at 10:12
  • If the answer solved your problem, please mark it as accepted. Thanks. – davibicudo Aug 17 '18 at 7:39

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