I have set up a raster layer using a TIFF file for surface water flooding. The layer indicates the minimum and maximum flood range of 0.102624m – 0.47962m under the Layer Properties Histogram, but I can also see spot levels outside of this range (e.g. 0.9114m) using the 'Identify Features' tool. The data supplier is a well recognised company and thinks this might be a QGIS issue.

The TIFF file came with accompanying tfw, tif.aux.xml, tif.ovr, tif.ovr.aux.xml, and tif.xml files.

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  • It may or may not be QGIS issue but with this information it is impossible to say. Without having sample data we are blind. What I can suggest is to open the image with some other software and compare, and to delete (rename, move) the tif.aux.xml file which stores the histogram and let QGIS to re-create it, or create the histogram again with gdalinfo -hist. – user30184 Aug 10 at 11:10
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    Have you tried forcing it to calculate min-max as per this question? gis.stackexchange.com/questions/58809/… – Ed Rollason Aug 10 at 12:05
  • Similarly to @EdRollason have you checked what values are listed in the Metadata tab? – ycartwhelen Aug 10 at 14:31
  • Make sure the min/max values setting (layer properties > symbology) is set to min/max, not cumulative cut count, standard deviation or user-defined. – csk Aug 10 at 19:37