I have a series of rasters picturing the same phenomenon/product eg. the accumulated precipitation and I use the same mapfile for all. Naturally the minimum is always zero but maximum is variable from dataset to dataset. But so far I know only how to set the COLORRANGE directive to fixed ranges of values like for example below:

  EXPRESSION ([pixel] >= 15 AND [pixel] < 20)
    COLORRANGE 74 120 182 50 87 160
    DATARANGE 15 20
    RANGEITEM "pixel"

So, is it possible to replace the 15 and 20 from the above example with the raster dependant minimum and maximum pixels value?

I know that I could probably set it by obtaining the values prior to the setting of the WMS source and sending them together with the other source parameters to the CGI as min=0... and setting them n the mapfile via %min%, %max%. But I am interested if mapfile is able to extract this info on its own.

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