I am trying to estimate empty values based on a polygon layer we received from another study. Is there a way to calculate an average value for polygon A based on neighbours B,C, etc that border it?

I thought about converting polygons to points and interpolating, but thought there may be another method of doing this.

Photo attached for reference

enter image description here

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    How does this picture help to understand your issue? – FelixIP Aug 14 '18 at 0:06
  • A complete description of the software in use and steps taken is necessary as well. – Vince Aug 14 '18 at 1:30
  • I figured my issue was pretty straight forward- I just couldn't find the tool (using arcmap 10.4) to implement it. blue polygons are known averages that I would like to use to estimate empty cells. I think I will just convert to point and use kriging interpolation – jrowley Aug 14 '18 at 22:25
  • Essentially, I am wondering if there is a way to perform interpolation using polygons rather than points – jrowley Aug 14 '18 at 22:25

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