This is similar to this question Is it possible to draw a 3D Choropleth Map in ArcGIS?, but I just wanted to know if the same could be done with the new release of QGIS 3 without the use of the QGIS2threejs plugin.

I am hoping this is possible so I can have a little bit more flexibility by using the composer capabilities.

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    What if you try with 1) Properties -> Symbology -> Graduated 2) Properties -> 3D View, where Height is defined with the linear_scale() formula 3) And then View -> New 3D Map View? – Taras Mar 14 '19 at 12:55
  • Thanks - I cannot get it to maintain the colour ramp doing it that way. How do you define the height in the way you are suggesting? – AWGIS Mar 14 '19 at 13:29
  • somethig like linear_scale("value", minimum("value"), maximum("value"),1,10) – Taras Mar 14 '19 at 13:32
  • The formula is "scale_linear", rather than "linear_scale" - tested in QGIS 3.4 – TimD Oct 20 '19 at 20:31

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