I have 2 rasters (raster1 and raster2) with 5 bands for each one. I want to do some calculation using all bands and write the output to a file with 5 bands.

I try this command :

gdal_calc.py -A raster1 -B ratser2 --outfile=result.tiff --calc="A+B" 

but it generates a wrong output file with only 1 band.


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Maybe you can try:

gdal_calc.py -A raster1.tif --A_band=5 -B raster2.tif --B_band=5 --allBands=[A,B] --outfile=result.tif --calc="A+B"

Also check the following link.

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    Hi Daniel, thank you for your replay but the option --allBands=[A,B] doesn't work. This option accept only one file.
    – Sami
    Aug 15, 2018 at 13:58

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