I am trying to render an area where I have added an extract from the planet file with render_list. The command I am using is

render_list -x 159 -X 179 -y 160 -Y 410 -n 2 --socket=/var/run/renderd/renderd.sock --min-zoom=10 --max-zoom=10

to render zoom level 10. I already rendered 0-9 zoom levels for the whole planet, but want to render only the areas where I imported maps for the bigger zoom levels.

Running the command above gives message "Starting 2 rendering threads" and stays for a long time without doing anything. Any ideas why?

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I have found that using renderd -f usually gives me very helpful clues into what is causing renderd to hang or shut itself off.


The issue with the command above was missing -all argument:

render_list -all -x 159 -X 179 -y 160 -Y 410 -n 2 --socket=/var/run/renderd/renderd.sock --min-zoom=10 --max-zoom=10


Try this script. It uses render_list utility in proper way and converts geo coordinates (WGS-84) to tile coordinates on several zoom levels and generates many tiles in one round.

For example:

./render_list_geo.pl -n 2 -z 6 -Z 15 -x 21.8 -X 40.7 -y 44.03 -Y 52.6

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