I'm trying to convert a portion of a fairly large ECW file to a GeoTIFF using either gdal_translate or gdalwarp. The problem I'm having is that the GeoTIFF is generated but gdal_translate and gdalwarp never close after the GeoTIFF is created. This is a problem for me because I'm calling the gdalwarp.exe from an external application and checking to see if gdalwarp finishes before displaying the GeoTIFF.

Here is what works for me: if I try to use gdalwarp or gdal_translate to convert the original ECW to a low-resolution GeoTIFF showing an overview of the entire ECW file, the program finishes without any problem. I have the problem described above when I try to use gdalwarp/gdal_translate to convert the original ECW to a low-resolution GeoTIFF showing a "zoomed" portion of the ECW file. So for example, I try the following commands:

gdalinfo temp.ecw

Driver: ECW/ERDAS Compressed Wavelets (SDK 3.x)
Files: F:\temp.ecw
Size is 50262, 47306
Coordinate System is:
PROJCS["Israel 1993 / Israeli TM Grid",
    GEOGCS["Israel 1993",
            SPHEROID["GRS 1980",6378137,298.257222101,
Origin = (151743.915535443000000,598870.729648456440000)
Pixel Size = (0.100000000000000,-0.100000000000000)
Corner Coordinates:
Upper Left  (  151743.916,  598870.730) ( 34d29'28.21"E, 31d28'46.39"N)
Lower Left  (  151743.916,  594140.130) ( 34d29'29.37"E, 31d26'12.81"N)
Upper Right (  156770.116,  598870.730) ( 34d32'38.62"E, 31d28'47.41"N)
Lower Right (  156770.116,  594140.130) ( 34d32'39.69"E, 31d26'13.83"N)
Center      (  154257.016,  596505.430) ( 34d31' 3.97"E, 31d27'30.12"N)
Band 1 Block=256x256 Type=Byte, ColorInterp=Red
  Description = Red
  Overviews: 25131x23653, 12565x11826, 6282x5913, 3141x2956, 1570x1478, 785x739,
 392x369, 196x184
Band 2 Block=256x256 Type=Byte, ColorInterp=Green
  Description = Green
  Overviews: 25131x23653, 12565x11826, 6282x5913, 3141x2956, 1570x1478, 785x739,
 392x369, 196x184
Band 3 Block=256x256 Type=Byte, ColorInterp=Blue
  Description = Blue
  Overviews: 25131x23653, 12565x11826, 6282x5913, 3141x2956, 1570x1478, 785x739,
 392x369, 196x184

gdalwarp.exe -ts 927 0 -te 149689.0000000000000 593667.0000000000000 158825.0000000000000 599344.0000000000000 -dstalpha -overwrite temp.ecw out.tif
0...10...20...30...40...50...60...70...80...90...100 - done.

The above commands run quickly (takes a second or two). Everything works fine and gdalwarp closes without a problem. The output image looks good. However, when I try to do the following command (where I zoom into a portion of the ECW to get more detail for a particular area), a GeoTIFF is created after a minute or so, but gdalwarp never closes:

gdalwarp.exe -ts 927 0 -te 155094.3999999999900 597195.3000000000500 156553.6000000000100 598102.0000000000000 -dstalpha -overwrite temp.ecw out1.tif
0...10...20...30...40...50...60...70...80...90...100 - done.

I have tried a similar operation using gdal_translate with the same result. If I kill gdalwarp after the "done" message is displayed, I have a GeoTIFF that seems to be what I want. But I have to kill gdalwarp to get it, and I don't want to have to kill the gdalwarp process every time I need to do this. Has anybody seen this problem with gdalwarp/gdal_translate not finishing when writing GeoTIFF's from ECW files? Is there something I can do to work around having to kill gdalwarp/gdal_translate after the processing is completed?

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    Suggest you move to an up to date ECW SDK. 3.3 is from 2006 and is very buggy. If you're using GIS Internals gdal binaries, grab the ECW 5.5 installer.
    – user2856
    Aug 15, 2018 at 23:09

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As described by Luke, it looks like upgrading to the latest version of the ECW SDK (5.5) solves the problem. I just used the version from the gisinternals.com web site.

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