I've been wanting to make a transit appliance for my husband that shows the next train for a long time, but GTFS has always stopped me. I already got it working for NYC buses and metro north. enter image description here

In the case of the bus and metro north there was a JSON file or and XML file that I could parse for the next two buses or trains for a given stop id.

But the subway uses GTFS. And even after getting a developers key and reading the documentation:


The data look like this:

 1.0´‹“€ >




 109550_G..N20180815*G >
 1G 1815 CHU/CRS#õ‹“€õ‹“€"G26N( >
 E2#±›“€±›“€"G24N( >
E2E2#Ì›“€Ì›“€"G22N( >
109550_G..N20180815*G >

So seeing this I get that it's not text. I'm programing an esp8266, a tiny microprocessor. How can I parse this? I looked in to creating a webpage on my server (where I have PHP) to do the parsing, google says GTFS works with PHP but all of the applications I've found require installing a whole lot of stuff on my server. Or they use python which isn't available on my server.

I feel like I must be missing something. What is the simplest way to do this?

If the MTA's "train time" site was more text based I'd just scrape it. I'm that frustrated.

I found some of the GTFS threads here helpful hope some of the wise folk can help.

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  • I've tried posting at the coding stackexchange and they didn't like this question much. Made more progress in the GTFS google group. – futurebird Aug 17 '18 at 12:25
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