I have an annotation feature that also has a line callout (see picture). I need to use ArcObjects to get the polygon that surrounds ONLY the text (not the line callout). The following link is very similar to the problem I am having.

Getting Annotation Text Geometry as Polygon Using ArcObjects?

Annotation Shape

However the solution is to use the QueryOutline. The problem with the QueryOutline method is that I must pass a IDisplay parameter. When I pass the IDisplay of the mxd, the polygon that is returned has a different size based on the zoom level of my mxd.

So if I'm zoomed in at 1:1000 the polygon that is returned is bigger than when my mxd is zoomed in at 1:2400. How do I know what level to zoom in so I can get the exact size of the polygon? Or if there is another to only get the text polygon that would work for me as well.

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