I am new to database sorry if this is basic.

I have selected point geometry from a geometry column in pgAdmin, however, I would like to know how to now copy the selected points to a new column?

This is my script used to select the POINT geometry

SELECT count(*) from public.test1  where GeometryType(geometry) = 'POINT'

so my update set might be something like

UPDATE test1 SET GeometryType(geometry) = 'POINT' = newcolumn;

If you want to copy the geometry, you would add a new geometry column then copy the selected records. Assuming your data is using SRID 4326:

ALTER TABLE myTable ADD COLUMN geom_point geometry(point,4326); 

UPDATE myTable 
SET geom_point  = geometry
WHERE GeometryType(geometry) = 'POINT';

If you want to record the geometry type, then you need to add a text column:


UPDATE myTable 
SET geom_type =  GeometryType(geometry) 
WHERE GeometryType(geometry) = 'POINT';
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